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Óscar Carbonell


Óscar Carbonell is a Colombian lawyer with more than 18 years of experience in the defense of human rights through criminal litigation, litigation before the Inter-American Human Rights System and the analysis of human rights violations constituting crimes under international law, mainly in Latin America.  He is recognized as an outstanding professional with a specialization in constitutional law and a master's degree in human rights and democratization in Latin America and the Caribbean. In addition to his work defending human rights in private and interstate institutions, Óscar has experience in state humanitarian searches for persons reported missing due to and in the context of armed conflicts. 


Throughout his career, Óscar has combined litigation, investigation and technical assistance, harnessing the potential of information technology in the documentation of gross human rights violations.  He was part of an innovative documentation initiative within the Office in Colombia of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) that used data mining tools and information systems to process large amounts of data and analyze organizational irregularities and patterns of abuse. 


Finally, Oscar has taught in the training and pedagogical training program for senior officials of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (Procedure for the Investigation of International Crimes in the Adversarial Process and Budgets for the Prosecution) at the National University of Colombia. Oscar is the coordinator of the Venezuela Program at the Guernica Center.

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