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Day 7 of the Jesuits Massacre Trial

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

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Today, declaration of Terry L. Karl, Professor of Political Science at Stanford Uni.; Martha Doggett, author; General Mauricio Ernesto “Chato” Vargas, current ARENA deputy and Oscar Alfredo Santamaría, Minister of the Presidency in the ARENA #jesuitstrial

Expert witness Terry Lynn Karl – former Professor at Stanford University – highlighted during her statement that the accused, Colonel Montano, was a key figure in the murder of the Jesuits. Colonel Benavides could not have possibly taken that decision alone #JesuitMassacreTrial

Colonel Benavides had no such leadership, nor a record of human rights violations as Colonel Montano. The High Command of La Tandona – specifically, General Ponce and Colonels Zepeda and Montano - were key figures in the murder of the Jesuits and in its cover-up.

Expert witness Terry Karl: Vice Minister Montano was one of the 3 leaders of La Tandona, a group of officers who functioned as a mafia-like group and who used the killing of civilians as a method of war, especially against religious individuals who fostered the peace talks.

Terry Karl: The days prior to the killings, Vice-Ministers Montano and Zepeda carried out a campaign of verbal attacks against University Dean Ellacuría, in order to disseminate false information indicating that the Jesuits were guerrillas. @almubernabeu #JesuitMassacreTrial.

Terry Karl: La Tandona decided to assassinate Ignacio Ellacuría and the Jesuits of the UCA for their leadership in the peace negotiations in #ElSalvador, which involved the purging of Tandona from the command of the Armed Forces. #JesuitMassacreTrial

Terry L. Karl: "I can say quite firmly that the decision to assassinate a beloved and prestigious person in the country, such as University Dean Ellacuría, could only be decided with the full consensus of the Military High Command." #JesuitMassacreTrial. @almubernabeu @tobycadman



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