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In order to respond in a context-sensitive fashion and ensure accountability for the serious crimes that have been committed in Venezuela in the recent past, The Guernica Centre is working in association with a wide-array of Venezuelan counterparts that remain in country and others that have been forced to flee. 


Given all political, economic and humanitarian dimensions of the Venezuelan crisis, and its protracted nature, The Guernica Centre has adopted a broad and comprehensive strategy to protect victims’ rights, including active exploration of available international mechanisms and recourses that can achieve accountability for the crimes that have been committed, and reflective exploration of appropriate means to respond to the complex goals of an eventual transitional justice process that strengthens the rule of law in Venezuela.  

Based on its technical capacity and the practical experience of its members in other jurisdictions, The Guernica Centre has built formal relationships with Venezuelan civil society to maximize their impact and to design and implement a grounded and exhaustive accountability strategy, while preparing the ground for a socially rooted transitional justice process led by Venezuelans.

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