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Our Mission

The Guernica Centre works with victims and their communities to secure accountability for violations they have experienced. 


We represent the interests of victims in national and international legal proceedings, putting in place transnational accountability strategies that seek to maximize the protection of victims’ rights and promote meaningful national transformations. We work in varied contexts, including active sites of repression, ongoing conflicts, political transitions, post-conflict situations, and democratic settings – always ensuring a context-sensitive approach.


An Exceptional Alliance

The Guernica Centre is a unique not-for-profit organization that holds a strategic alliance with two international law firms: Guernica 37 International Justice Chambers, based in London and dedicated exclusively to comprehensive international legal work; and G37 Despacho Internacional, based in Madrid and specializing in international criminal law, universal and extraterritorial jurisdiction.  


Together, the three organizations comprise The Guernica Group.  This unique partnership is based on shared values and a common vision on enhancing accountability for atrocities, whilst maintaining the independence of each of the associated entities. The rare grouping allows The Guernica Centre to benefit from the experience, methods, practices and expertise of its legal partners, as it responds to the challenges and demands of protecting victims’ rights in different global settings.  This novel structure grants The Guernica Centre access to unparalleled legal counsel and other professionals needed to conduct successful national and international legal efforts on behalf of victims. 


The Guernica Centre cements this alliance by upholding a victim-centered focus, ensuring a holistic approach to legal representation, and undertaking programmatic activities aimed at promoting non-recurrence of violations (through local and global advocacy, and changes in law and policy).  The partnership augments the Centre’s versatility, flexibility and proficiency when responding to diverse and multi-faceted projects and cases.  The Guernica Centre’s legal associates provide a stable and skillful platform that supports its endeavors.

Our Name


  The Guernica Centre was named to commemorate one of the most heinous war crimes committed in modern history, immortalized by Pablo Picasso’s famous painting.  The German and Italian bombing of the town of Guernica in the Spanish Basque Country on 26 April 1937, at the request of the Spanish Nationalists, killed more than 1,600 civilians, the majority of whom were women, and children.

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Contributing to atrocity prevention through accountability for past crimes

With your support, we will continue to confront atrocities and demand accountability. Your contribution allows us to represent victims of gross violations and embolden their quest for justice. 


Contribute to the GUERNICA APPROACH!


The Guernica Centre is a not-for-profit organization.  Your donation will be used to support our work and is subject to all rules and benefits applicable to donations given to non-profit organizations.


Donate now from anywhere in the world.


The Guernica Centre is exempt from US federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3).  Donors can deduct contributions they make to The Guernica Centre under IRC Section 170.  The Guernica Centre is “also qualified to receive tax-deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under Section 2055, 2106 or 2522.”

The Guernica Centre Tax ID is: 82-3554278

The Centre was determined as a public charity under IRC 170 (b) (1) (A) (vi).


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The Guernica Approach

The Guernica Centre’s operation is guided by its three-fold approach: 1) direct work with victims and communities; 2) establishment of long-term partnerships with national actors to build comprehensive, context-specific justice strategies; and 3) provision of highly technical legal services in national, international and transnational legal proceedings.

Given our victim-centred approach, we listen to victims’ accounts, help elevate their voices, and support their participation in a wide range of processes and mechanisms, aimed at fulfilling their rights to truth and justice. We work with them to identify their needs and priorities, as we work to file cases and develop high-impact litigation, at national and international levels.

We aim to ensure context-sensitive action, immersing ourselves in local history and political context. We form long-lasting partnerships with community leaders, and local civil society actors and organizations to develop knowledge, build local capacity, and identify the most appropriate time and ways to act.

Thematic Issue

Effective Victim Participation

Combatting Corruption

Litigating Across Borders

Country Programmes


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The Guernica Centre has a dedicated team of highly experienced

International Law specialists 


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The Centre’s Staff

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Board of Directors

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The Guernica Centre for International Justice

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