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Our Work

Applying the Guernica Approach, we set in motion a series of country and thematic programs that implement context-sensitive accountability strategies. All programs interact and come together to produce a common understanding of what we do and how we do it.

Guernica 37 Centre - Country Programs

Country Programs

In each of the national settings, we work on context-sensitive accountability strategies designed and implemented with local partners to reduce the accountability deficit.

Thematic Areas

Through these components of our work, we seek to identify and engage in areas that have been unexplored or traditionally unattended, though the need to rethink and transform how we approach accountability and justice in a timely and more effective way has been clearly demanded by the key actors.

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Guernica 37 Forum

At the Guernica 37 Forum we gain greater understanding of how accountability can be pursued more effectively and how intentional change can be achieved to favor communities that demand justice.

Guernica 37 Arts Forum

Though accountability is highly predicated, it remains elusive and far from actionable.  At the Guernica 37 Centre we want to contribute, through various sectors of arts and communication, to reinvigorate a better understanding of what accountability means and why it is relevant.

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