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Guernica 37 Arts Forum


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Using Communication to Strategically Address the Accountability Deficit

Based on the know-how acquired in our Latin American work, we have allied with Brújula Comunicaciones, a strategic communication firm based in Colombia, to launch our first campaign oriented at engaging and swaying public opinion regarding the challenges of pursuing justice in adverse settings while overcoming the shortfalls in the struggle against impunity as pitched over the past three decades in Latin America.  The campaign has identified specific audiences and topics in México and Colombia but will be aimed at the entire region.  This, for now, Spanish-language effort will serve as a pilot for a wider English-language campaign.

The Guernica 37

Accountability Docu-Series

Guernica 37 Centre’s Board led by Stuart Sander, an awarded filmmaker, have proposed to create a series of documentaries about accountability as envisioned and implemented by Guernica 37.

This project will not be just about Guernica’s work but, will instead stage and engage in active initiatives that inform and educate about accountability.  

These documentaries will come from the voice of key actors, our partners, their communities and from Guernica’s experience. We hope that they will help us rethink and improve how we communicate what we do and how it contributes to the expected impact and legacy of accountability work.

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